It's about networks, it's about devices, and it's about data

Internet of Things

IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet. The Internet of Things gives you and your company the possibility to integrate devices used in different processes into a common computer network. Be it a smart home or smart office solution, healthcare device or tracking system for supply chain management, IoT can improve workflows, get data about devices’ performance, and more. To take advantage of such systems, you will need to invest in IoT development. It is a process of matching software development with hardware development. IoT product delivery consists of three consecutive stages:

The integration of the device and software with the entire work environment is crucial to start validating assumptions with real prototype functions.

Testing device functions, software, and connections with the required environment allows us to determine whether all business assumptions have been met.

Adapting the prototype to industrial production. Based on the cost requirements for the production process and device dimensions, we design a device ready for production.

We elaborate machine learning algorithms and train models to introduce automation to smart spaces. Our data solutions help gain visibility into the way people use appliances, facilities and spaces and improve the efficiency and safety of smart homes and cities.

We help companies better control and understand their assets and infrastructures. For this purpose, we build monitoring and management tools and seamlessly integrate them into our client’s ecosystem and workflow. Our device management tools enable better transparency, safety and efficiency of the client’s infrastructure operations. Thanks to our IoT app development experience, we develop user-centric web and mobile applications that provide remote control and management of devices and other assets. We leverage the power of IoT to help our clients harness the full potential of their data.

We provide a complete set of IoT development services for the Industry 4.0. We take into consideration the specifics of the industrial environment and build reliable IoT systems to improve efficiency, safety and control on the premises. Using predictive analytics, we ensure timely maintenance and reduce cost on wear and tear. We build IIoT data tools and unlock the full potential of the company’s data. Our IoT solutions help monitor operations, increase employee’s safety, provide quality control and asset management on the production.

We help you unlock the potential of Internet of Things in retail and finally get the full benefit from your data. By integrating connected technology and intelligent analytics to your operations, we turn in-store experience into a real pleasure. Using sensor technology, we create a smart store and make traditional storefront objects—shelves, aisles, windows—work for you. Thus, your connected store provides you with indispensable insights on your customers’ habits, expectations and needs and helps you adjust your marketing and sales accordingly. Our IoT solutions can help you optimize supply chain and inventory management. We help you improve your customers’ and employees’ experience by introducing automation to every process from re-stock to check out.